Mortification - _Primitive Rhythm Machine_
(Nuclear Blast, 1995)
by: Gino Filicetti (1 out of 10)
Ok, let's get one thing straight. I'm not being prejudiced against this record because it's Christian metal, and I'm not giving this album a bad review because I'm against anything it stands for. So, with that out of the way, I can now safely say this album FUCKING SUCKS LARGE DONKEY COCKS! I would end the review right there if I didn't think my argument needed backing, but for the sake of the curious among you, I will elaborate. First off, I noticed the vocal approach of Steve Rowe. Holy fuck, I thought that I was in the grips of Sepultura's _Beneath The Remains_! This guy sounds identical to Max Cavalera in every way imaginable. I'm certain this guy spent many an hour in front of his Sepultura collection perfecting his rip-off. Secondly, the music; throughout the album, I was constantly trying to peg the exact sound that Mortification stole, but I was unsuccessful. In the end, I realized why I couldn't put my finger on their stolen riffs; it was because Mortification seems to have stolen every imaginable sound in both death and thrash metal and have successfully fused it all into a bungling mass that effectively hides the sum of its parts. The solos are a joke, sounding like an exercise in the basics of playing scales, and the drumming leaves MUCH to be desired with its tiresome, boring "rhythms." Now we get to the lyrics, and that is where I totally draw the line. There is not one SENTENCE on this entire CD that doesn't make a reference to God, Jesus, Christ, or Our Lord. I'm not a satanist or any kind of bible-bashing bastard, but this guy has gone entirely overboard! These lyrics bring to mind bands like RaHoWa and other racist metal bands, in which the lyrics cease to be art, and become pure propaganda. Definitely an album to steer VERY clear of, unless you wish to be "born again" or to "see the light."

(article published 1/10/1995)

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