Gnostic - _Evoking the Demon_
(Ordealis Records, 2003)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
This album gets off to a bad start by using a sample from "Gladiator" -- which would not be a problem were it not the very same sample which was used by Satyricon to open _Volcano_! Plus "Infernal Crypts of Martyrdom" sounds suspiciously like a reject from _Morbid Tales_ era Celtic Frost, further suggesting a lack of original ideas. However, the rest of the album proved to be, for the most part, an entertaining and dynamic listen that turned out to be considerably less generic than my first impression. Gnostic consider themselves to be war metallers, and if the aim was to create a frenzied sounding recording that reflected the chaos of war, then they have succeeded -- perhaps more so than most others of their ilk. A good production is clearly not a high priority for this band: the guitars possess a fuzzy, droning quality, while the drums tend to dissolve into an undifferentiated sludge. On occasion, its sounds as if the CD were being played through a cheap radio with the volume turned too high. In short, this album has a strong rehearsal sound and one could easily believe that this was recorded in one of the members' basement! A live concert has been included as a PC bonus.

(article published 27/5/2004)

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