Metalium - _As One - Chapter Four_
(Century Media, 2004)
by: Aaron McKay (5 out of 10)
In the political press it has been said that you aren't a "real journalist" until you've truly pissed off an elected official with a published piece. That leads me to believe the author of the article in question here can distance themselves enough to write exactly what he or she sees the facts of the story to be. That's kind of how I feel when I find myself faced with the task of drafting something up for Metalium. Never having been a fan of the whole "power/triumph metal" as a genre per se, Metalium presents me with somewhat of a dilemma. On one hand I can see their appeal and hear their mastery over their chosen instruments -- skillfully executed solos and catchy riffs, for example. On the other hand Metalium forever seems to launch them headlong into well-traversed musical territory.

All things being equal, as an aside, this new offering was very well-received in Japan. Admittedly, the concept that this four-piece German power outfit surround themselves with is completely lost on me -- kind of like exploring the intellectual prowess of Mad Magazine in your graduate level literature course. Warriors, Medusa, Heathens and a storyline that unites the Metalian hero with a female counterpart, Metaliana -- Metalium tread too close to the whole Dungeons and Dragons meets Battletech arena for me (and not in a Manowar kind of way either).

That hubbub aside, musically, as I said before, Metalium are competent and obviously practiced musicians. Mostly with an aggressive fast paced edge, this band blazes out a fiery album here with _As One - Chapter Four_; no disputing that. Also a step in the right direction away from 2000's _State of Triumph - Chapter Two_, I might add. Let me put it this way: if you thrive on this kind of thing, Metalium is solid gruel, but don't look for any dessert.


(article published 7/5/2004)

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