Ares Wrath - _War Bombastic Black Metal_
(South Satanic Terrorists Records, 2004)
by: James Montague (7 out of 10)
"Satan and Tanks -- Together at Last!"

I would like to propose the above slogan for Ares Wrath, the latest incarnation of the unforgiving war metal style largely propagated by the underground of Australia and -- as in this case -- Brazil. One can certainly make out the pioneering extremity of their compatriots Sarcofago -- blended with the extremity of 1990s European black and American death metal -- in this brutal twenty minute onslaught of militant blast beats and calamitous guitar shredding. With the album title, and exclamatory track names like "Hail Atomic Bomb!" and "Praise Hail Satan!", Ares Wrath surely aren't looking for prizes in subtlety, and will more or less follow any path that leads to destruction and evil. Good for them!

Now, the relentless blasting style of war metal is one which I can only handle in limited doses, but there is much in this whirlwind to suggest that Ares Wrath can produce a real keeper of an album in the future. Most importantly, these sudamericanos have realized that burying a melody somewhere amongst the carnage is not a bad thing, and can add a sinister subplot to proceedings -- it was this little nuance that made Bestial Warlust's seminal work _Vengeance War 'til Death_ such a classic. Furthermore, many of the most diabolical melodies are carried by the bass guitar, giving the album extra credibility in this biased reviewer's opinion. The bassist picks, scratches and slaps the strings around, adding real character to the riffs. The guitarists generally just shred away, and the drummer murders his kit while the vocalist screams his tits off. That's all well and good, but it's the bass guitar that gives the music the winning edge. Another winning aspect of the music is its brevity -- a blasting black/death metal song should not go for six or seven minutes as bands like Abominator would have you believe, and Ares Wrath recognize the need for a bit of wham-bam-thankyou-ma'am conciseness.

For a debut MCD, the amount of effort put into the packaging of _War Bombastic Black Metal_ is noteworthy, each of the six songs' lyrics superimposed on WWII archive photos, scenes of nuclear armageddon and the crucifixion of that guy so many people fawn over. Ares Wrath have set out to bombard the listener with every extreme image imaginable, and have managed to back it up with an impressive musical arsenal. Fans of Bestial Warlust, Conqueror, Destruktor or Abominator should keep an eye out for these chaps.


(article published 19/4/2004)

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