Cephalectomy - _Eclipsing the Dawn_
(Discorporate Music, 2004)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
As my inaugural foray into Cephalectomy's feverishly paced world of chaos and mysticism, I was overcome with the band's ability, form and style; Forest of Impaled had a similar impact. Spearheaded by Corey Andrews, Cephalectomy credits the assistance of two other tortured souls: Jason Nichols and Rob DeCoste. The grind of this Discorporate Music outfit is layered with all the necessary constructs, including a brutal death, crusty black, gut-wrenching grind and a ferocious metal approach all at a nitro-charged jackhammer pace. If that is not enough, the melody is omnipresent throughout the full-length sophomore release _Eclipsing the Dawn_, ultimately making this effort a sizeable powerhouse of staggering fanaticism. Cephalectomy's mysticism, musically and lyrically, soars far above the mediocre and challenges the extreme metal genre in complicated new ways. Furthering their progression, these Nova Scotians might better serve themselves by developing a stronger use of their inescapably intricate melody and timely tempo changes whereby enhancing their overall seismic allure on _Eclipsing the Dawn_. Inauspicious, this band has struck a sinister balance between blunt force and devilish delirium. The articulate pace changes, intense low end and punishing vocal savagery make _Eclipsing the Dawn_'s exactly thirty-eight minutes an experiment in punishment and power.

Contact: http://www.cephalectomy.com

(article published 19/4/2004)

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