Trauma - _Imperfect Like a God_
(Empire Records, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (8.5 out of 10)
Not ever having heard of Trauma, I was quite surprised when giving _Imperfect Like a God_ a first spin. With the tight hyper-blasted drumming, the dense growling vocals and the slick production I was immediately reminded of Vader and Behemoth, and sure enough, Trauma also originate from Poland. Seems like they have a patent on good death metal over there! _Imperfect Like a God_ most reminds me of a more straightforward variant of Behemoth's _Thelema.6_ album: the songwriting is less fractured and songs do not contain as many layers, but with exactly that aggression and usage of instruments it creates a similar atmosphere. The major, yet only, drawback I have discovered on _Imperfect Like a God_ is tightly connected with the lack of layering; even though all the songs are individually killer, you're bound to lose attention around two-thirds into the album. Nonetheless, this Behemoth-lite is a definite recommendation to anyone finding themselves bashing heads on modern technical death.

(article published 23/3/2004)

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