Mar de Grises - _The Tatterdemalion Express_
(Firebox, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8.5 out of 10)
Chilean doom metal is hardly a well-known scene in the metal world; but if more bands like Mar de Grises were to pop out of there, then that would surely change. Finnish Firebox Records yet again treat us to some quality doom metal, and once more keep their releases subtly varied: like most other bands on the label, Mar de Grises also have their own distinguishing attributes to set them apart from others in the same genre. _The Tatterdemalion Express_ takes you on a trip to a different world, standing apart from other doom metal albums in a number of ways; it has a sound very much its own, employing a multitude of techniques to achieve its goals, and remaining curiously varied whilst surprisingly consistent throughout. Mar de Grises are one of those rare outfits that manage to avoid sounding like an ordinary band recording an album in some studio; it's as if the album's musical elements were put together by some abstract entity, taking shape from chaos and resulting in _The Tatterdemalion Express_. There is also an important sense of good taste throughout, of not overdoing things or falling into clich├ęs, that greatly contributes to the overall result. The album hovers between interestingly atmospheric and either funereal or moderately progressive melodic doom most of the time, and includes plenty of remarkable passages in the process (especially the outstanding second half of "Storm"). _The Tatterdemalion Express_ is a highly recommended album, possibly the best so far from the excellent Firebox Records; not to be missed by anyone into doom metal, or indeed extreme metal in general.


(article published 23/3/2004)

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