Heaven Shall Burn - _Antigone_
(Century Media, 2004)
by: Xander Hoose (8 out of 10)
With black metal having peaked its popularity, most major record labels are looking for their next big cash cow. Hardcore/noisecore seems to be the next thing and the signing of Heaven Shall Burn to the Century Media line-up only seems to ascertain that. Thankfully, Heaven Shall Burn deserves what's coming to them; for a relatively small band, they have an excellent sound, groove and production. Even though one of the most noticeable elements of Heaven Shall Burn's music are the razor-sharp vocals, the thing that surprised me most were the guitars that at times sounded like those in the good old death metal days. Think At the Gates and Bolt Thrower, then recycle their music into a Converge / Shai Hulud mold and you'd be close. Small point of concern: the clear production gives _Antigone_ a sharp aggressive edge, but it does tend to suppress the impact of the double bass. While Heaven Shall Burn is not as Slayer-oriented as labelmates Dew-Scented, fans of this band should give _Antigone_ a fair chance. The European pressing will include two bonus cover songs: "Dislocation" by Disembodied and "Not My God" by Hate Squad.

Contact: http://www.heavenshallburn.com

(article published 23/3/2004)

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