Hell-Born - _Legacy of the Nephilim_
(Conquer Records, 2004)
by: Jackie Smit (6.5 out of 10)
It will surprise very few to learn that Hell-Born features ex-members of Behemoth. Not only do the two bands share an obvious bond in their Polish heritage, but both draw an equal amount of inspiration from the deep-rooted harshness of Vader, Morbid Angel and old-school thrash. However, where Behemoth have consistently honed their craft and developed into an increasingly distinct entity, Hell-Born more often than not remain faceless in a genre that has seen the bar raised virtually insurmountably in the last two to three years. Paramount to their shortcomings are their penchant for repeating themselves, and for the most part almost every song on _Legacy of the Nephilim_ could have benefited from trimming of at least ninety seconds off its duration. "Supreme Race" and "Blacklight of Leviathan" are definitely superb efforts, and there's no arguing that Hell-Born can play their instruments well, but ultimately this is a record that will appeal to only the most ardent death metal fan.

Contact: http://www.hell-born.com

(article published 25/1/2004)

7/14/1997 S Hoeltzel 8 Hell-Born - Hell-Born
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