Dimension Zero - _This Is Hell_
(Regain Records, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
With Dimension Zero's first full-length scorcher _Silent Night Fever_ still ringing in my ears from the countless times I've spun it, the prospect of a new album that might retain the sheer metallic energy, driving riffs and pummeling rhythms of its predecessor was simply mouth-watering. And this is it: _This Is Hell_. Unfortunately however, while _Silent Night Fever_ got about as close to Swedish melodic death metal perfection as anyone has come since At the Gates' _Slaughter of the Soul_, this new effort is a bit lacking in the inspiration department. This is essentially more of the same (which in this case is not a bad thing), with perhaps a little more mid-era In Flames thrown in here and there. The energy hasn't gone stale in the least, and you can still find some great cuts, but alas the incredible memorability and repeatability of _Silent Night Fever_ has not been matched this time. On its own, _This Is Hell_ would probably have earned an even higher rating, but compared to its predecessor it has to be called a bit of a disappointment. _Silent Night Fever_ is a fundamental album, while _This Is Hell_ is just part two: it provides lots of fun, abundant energy, good riffs and cool melodies, but it will stay in the shadow of its predecessor.

Contact: http://www.dimensionzero.org

(article published 13/12/2003)

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