Graveland - _Blood of Heroes_
(Vinland Winds, 2002)
by: James Montague (7 out of 10)
"Free Hendrik Möbus! He served his sentence for murder, but now his right to free speech makes him an international criminal."

Ah, good old retarded Nazi logic. It just melts my heart to see my old buddy Darken signing up with the most superior people of Vinland Winds, who released the _Blood of Heroes_ 7" EP in 1488 copies as a sign of reverence to He Who Shall Not Be Named, then insulted the memory of the mustachioed tyrant by exalting man's right to... free speech?

As long as you don't mind buying from idiot labels, and as long as you already have all the Graveland full-lengths, then there is something to be gained from this pair of new songs, released hot on the heels of 2002's _Memory and Destiny_. Side A features "I Am What They Fear", which combines the moody melodicism of the full-length album with the persistent hi-hat rhythms of _Creed of Iron_. The title track on side B is a little bit rawer but still quite nostalgic, feeling like a throwaway from the _Memory and Destiny_ sessions.

Essentially, this 7" EP does little more than provide an overview of Graveland circa 1999-2002, but without ever quite reaching the heights of the LPs released during the period. For fans only.


(article published 5/12/2003)

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