Countess / Megiddo - _Orgasmatron_ / _The Hammer_
(Decius Productions, 2003)
by: James Montague (6 out of 10)
Finally, after much blood, sweat and tears, Decius Productions managed to get these two stalwarts from the Barbarian Wrath stables to contribute a song each for this little collector's item. Any self-respecting metalhead will know that the song titles "Orgasmatron" and "The Hammer" can only mean one thing -- yes, this is a Mötorhead tribute. A bit of old-school fun, and recorded on 45rpm vinyl for good measure.

Countess kicks off with the song covered by so many in the past, including big names like Sepultura and Satyricon. Matching the former's effort would be formidable, though the atrocity that was Satyricon's cover of "Orgasmatron" could be seen as relieving the pressure on Countess. But that's a rant for another day. This song is actually perfectly cut out for Countess, the quirky, ultra-simplistic blackish metal band from Holland. Playing the basic guitar leads and mid-paced rock tempos in a somewhat humorous, somewhat deranged manner, Orlok (the sole member of Countess) pays worthy homage to the British metal godfathers.

Megiddo is a sterner, more serious band, and so "The Hammer" is played in a no-nonsense fashion. With faster drumming and noisier black metal guitar shredding, the song is over in a heartbeat. Wham bam and thankyou ma'am, quick and professional like Krusty the Clown recording sound clips for his latest talking doll. This Canadian band is much in the vein of very early Bathory, and as such is quite unremarkable. The cover falls very much in the good-but-not-great category, leaving Countess clear winners in this little head-to-head.


(article published 23/11/2003)

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