Karma to Burn - _Karma to Burn_
(Roadrunner, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (5 out of 10)
Much like the Pist:On record (see review below), four-piece Karma to Burn are easily more comfortable with sticking to a rough & raw approach when it comes to material. The music is heavy and there is melody, but there really is no set pattern for the band to follow. With an aggressive guitar-oriented sound and an approach of weirdness and creativity a la Tool, Karma to Burn's debut album on Roadrunner has both positive and negative aspects flowing from it. The positive points are that the music is rather cool and trippy at times, and is accompanied by a strong kick of intensity, but the negative aspect is that the band seems to lose the listener most of the record with their weird musical interludes and song structures. While there are strong songs like "(Waltz of the) Playboy Pallbearers", "Mt. Penetrator", and a cool Joy Division cover, "Twenty Four Hours", on the debut album, it isn't a bad release, but nothing that would be on the top of my list to recommend to someone.

(article published 2/1/1997)

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