Rakoth - _Tiny Deaths_
(Earache / Elitist, 2003)
by: Jackie Smit (7.5 out of 10)
Past experience has taught me that when a bio describes a band as an "eclectic journey", it is an almost dead cert that an additional adjective along the lines of "utterly pompous rubbish" is applicable. It is perhaps my disregard for the pretentious dribble of acts like Darzamat, then, that makes Rakoth's second outing such an enjoyable surprise. Bombastic in every sense of the word, Rakoth's music lends itself to no conventional description, incorporating elements of black metal, classical, folk, trip-hop and even film scores into their densely atmospheric odes to musical experimentation. Although these dramatically polarised influences at times fail to blend as seamlessly as one would prefer, they form the basis of Rakoth's captivating appeal and undoubtedly showcase a drastic improvement over their debut record. "Dawn" recalls the rich and captivating feel of Eastern European folklore -- a subtle journey through countless emotions and moods. "Trust This" could easily have been the sound of The Chemical Brothers crashing the party -- an almost OTT electro interlude, which Rakoth amazingly manage to pull off. "Horizon" is a breathtaking piano-led monologue -- the melodic drive of which could easily have been lead-in to a Tori Amos number -- while the closing and title track is an excellent example of the exciting force Rakoth could likely develop into. This is by no means a perfect record, as there are times when the plodding tempo and seemingly aimless progression just becomes a bit too much. But, if anything, Rakoth have succeeded where many others fail miserably and by the looks of it, could yet be responsible for some truly spectacular music.

(article published 9/7/2003)

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