The Blood Divine - _Rise Pantheon Dreams_
(Peaceville, 2002)
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 10)
Born out of the gathering of ex-Anathema singer Darren White, three former members of the early Cradle of Filth, Was from Extreme Noise Terror on drums and Steve Maloney on bass, The Blood Divine caused quite an impact with their debut. Their short-lived career only lasted for two albums, however, and their melodic, doomy metal ended up fading into silence a lot earlier than one might have expected from a band with such high-profile members at the time. Despite my rating, _Rise Pantheon Dreams_ is not an especially poor compilation -- it features two unreleased tracks, a limited edition one, and two live songs, in addition to a good selection of the band's best cuts from their two albums. The problem with _Rise Pantheon Dreams_ is that the material it contains has aged rather poorly. The Blood Divine have gone from a band that greatly impressed me with their debut a few years back to one that manages to put together just a couple of really good tracks throughout the entire compilation: "As Rapture Fades" and "Wilderness", although others like "Aureole" and "So Serene" are perfectly decent. The add-ons, though numerous, are nothing to write home about, so there's not a lot going for this compilation. It earns its points mostly from the good material it contains, which some people may not yet have heard. However, if you knew about The Blood Divine while the band was still active, then this compilation is largely redundant.


(article published 21/3/2003)

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