Impious - _The Killer_
(Hammerheart, 2002)
by: Adam Lineker (7 out of 10)
The first release from Impious on Hammerheart begins with an effective acoustic intro, building up to the first track well enough before it begins with a surge of fast-paced riffage going through a raw-edged guitar sound with a lot of mid-low end crunch. The drums seem rather mechanical, as Impious employ a tight use of triggering. The offered thrash material is quite strong and the riffs that Impious create are well suited to their chosen approach. Working in the odd guitar solo and finding room for an adequate amount of melody, Impious are not entirely unadventurous, if a little unrefined. Martin Akesson's vocals are aggressive and soundly preformed, although they fail to be as imposing as they might have been. It is fair to say that guitarist Valle Adzic should be commended for putting in a lot of work as the band's core songwriter, yet this is the source of the album's main failing. The overall impression of _The Killer_ is that it is somewhat one dimensional. Impious are competent and the music is well performed, but the songs are based around singular melodic riffs as opposed to layered writing. As the record progresses this becomes a little uninspiring, as one feels that the focus of their songs needs to broadened and given more depth. Adzic, as a song writer, has a decent melodic sensibility and is apt at creating melodic thrash riffs but the finest melodic passage on the album arrives late in the one track not written by Adzic: Robin Sorqvist's "Needles of Sin". One would conclude that a less concentrated creative input could be required for the future. The band often show glimmers of creative potential, but Impious need more diversity in style if they ever hope to ascend to the top flight within their scene. Having said this, _The Killer_ still holds enough to entertain die hard thrash fans and is a solid enough release with which to begin their spell on Hammerheart.


(article published 26/3/2003)

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