Cephalic Carnage / Anal Blast - _Split_
(Terrorizer, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (not rated)
By far the weirdest death/grind release of the year, that's the only way to describe this split between these two monsters of metal. With short samples ("Elmo's Song", drum & bass, Space Invaders, farts) Cephalic Carnage do their best to destroy their reputation as a serious metal act, and succeed wonderfully considering by the big-ass grin it leaves behind on my face. Then again, in-between the lunacy there is some serious brutal riffing. Even though the production is absolutely lacking after their "Lucid Interval" / "Halls of Amenti" release, it is better than most the death metal crap released on splits nowadays. After 21 songs, it's Anal Blast's turn to pick up the broken pieces -- and break them up some more. Song titles like "Internet Cunt", "Beer Bong Enema" and "High on Cunt Blood" clearly show where their band name was derived from. With a far better production -- not surprisingly -- than Anal Cunt ever had, they shred through another eleven songs that will appeal to, well, everyone who doesn't take offense to the song titles. If you're up for a laugh as well as banging your head, then try this split.

(article published 5/4/2003)

12/7/2010 A El Naby 7.5 Cephalic Carnage - Misled by Certainty
5/29/2009 P Williams 4 Anal Blast - Vaginal Vempire
7/27/2007 J Ulrey 9 Cephalic Carnage - Xenosapien
4/7/2005 J Smit 9 Cephalic Carnage - Anomalies
10/30/2003 X Hoose 9 Cephalic Carnage - Lucid Interval
4/5/2003 X Hoose 7.5 Cephalic Carnage - Halls of Amenti
5/25/2000 A Bromley 8 Cephalic Carnage - Exploiting Dysfunction
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