Oxiplegatz - _Worlds and Worlds_
(Seasons in Mist, 1996)
by: Drew Snow (9 out of 10)
How to describe the awesome music of Oxiplegatz? They use so many different styles in this offering, from straightforward primitive black metal, to death metal, to a seeming opera. The music is adorned with trumpets, acoustic guitar, and beautiful synth. Upon hearing the relatively straightforward opening track, one might think this is "just another average black metal album." Not so. Take one listen to the amazing second track, and from then on you are hooked; there is no turning back. It is not the individual parts on their own that make this release so wonderful, but their seamless integration and resulting variation which create an aura of wonderment (and a definite sci-fi twist) while listening to some tracks. The sheer atmosphere and feeling during the slower, clean vocal sections is enough to base a purchase of this CD on. Also, the use of a (probably synthesized) trumpet adds much to the overall quality, with a majestic, monumental touch. While this is definitely not the first time a horned instrument has been used in a black metal release, it definitely creates a unique sound and adds to the atmosphere. In addition, the fantastic female vocals, which are prominent during the synth sections of the songs, are some of the best performed that I've ever heard; they actually produce feeling, unlike the female vocals in some other black metal bands, which create the perception that the vocalist was just a little bored while recording. For those who look for a little diversity in their music, this is almost a must have.

(article published 18/11/1996)

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