Aube - _Sensorial Inducement_
(Alien8 Recordings, 2000)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (8 out of 10)
I suppose if Merzbow can release a jazz album (_Door Open at 8 AM_), then Aube is perfectly capable of getting down and dirty with a synthesizer. _Sensorial Inducement_ is Aube the atmospheric, ambient, structured noise artist without the noise. While I hesitate to label the contents of this LP as "music", it is undeniably more so than anything previously spit out by this Japanoise master. The blending, fading, and transfiguration of synthesized tones as they overlap, collide, and ultimately collapse is to be applauded for not only its originality but near-perfect execution as well. There is a twang of repetition of certain electronic themes in parts coupled with my own personal annoyance at a number of tones heavily utilized being synonymous with that of my telephone. Such a subjective bias aside, there is little room for criticism here if one is to see this recording for what it is (an exploration into synthesizer ambience) and not a failed attempt at noise. Still, to be fair to all parties who may possibly be reading, it should be noted in boldface, 18-point, Times New Roman font that this will disgust about 90% of noise listeners out there. This album is to noise what a Depeche Mode recording is to heavy metal. The style is simply not comparable with the genre (no matter how well associated in the past, as is the case here). It is a recording that is undeniably infectious, however, and one that I would encourage any fan of the electronic avant garde (and non-snoody noise heads) to grab hold of quickly. Given the limited LP pressing of 500 and Alien8's knack for selling out of Aube recordings, this one is certain to disappear soon.


(article published 13/3/2001)

9/1/1998 G Sanchez 7 Aube - Pages From the Book
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