Overkill - _Wrecking Everything - Live_
(Spitfire, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
It seems when you got a good thing going, it is wise not to stop -- and Overkill never has. The power surge continues. Flying in the face of all the commercialization, Overkill does as they please and have a devoted following to reinforce that point to boot! Brooklyn thrash stomped to prominence largely thanks to this band, and I am very glad for it. DD Verni's bass is flawless throughout this newest live installment to the sizable Overkill catalog. Strong with favorites like "Overkill" and "In Union We Stand", these guys regroup to bludgeon the listener with killer cuts like "Thunderhead", "It Lives" and "Long Time Dying". To be openly frank, I am thrilled to have "Evil Never Dies" and "The Years of Decay" on the same disc as "Deny the Cross". Having never heard "Necroshine" before, this was a magnificent way for Overkill to launch this performance. Recorded in March of 2002 at The Paramount Theatre in New Jersey, these guys reconfirmed their superiority on their home turf for the umpteenth and most decisive time. While I will hold onto my declaration that _Wrecking Your Neck Live_ will maintain its position of prominence as THE thrash metal live disc, _Wrecking Everything Live_ is as close as a runner-up could hope to come. If Overkill is wrecking everything as a way to fix something that's not necessarily broken, they've done it -- it's all fucked up now! Shred!!

(article published 26/3/2003)

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