40 Below Summer - _Invitation to the Dance_
(Warner Brothers / Reprise Records, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (3 out of 10)
Why I received this album -so- late is beyond me. It is now June at the time of writing -– six months into 2002 and I just got this CD in the last couple of weeks. Why? Is the company giving this band a final push in a not-so-mainstream outlet for metal? Possibly, but CoC?! 40 Below Summer is what I call radio metal. You know, Alien Ant Farm, Disturbed, Linkin Park and the like. Positively riddled from beginning to the welcome end with non-stop monotony like a mandatory week long insurance seminar. The catchy production on _Invitation to the Dance_ is obviously attributed to GGGarth Richardson (Kittie, Ozzy, Rage Against the Machine), but he had very little to work with. It's tough to make eggs with just a skillet, fire and Pam non-stick spray -– know what I mean? This is your brain. This is your brain on 40 Below Summer...

Contact: http://www.40belowsummer.com

(article published 5/4/2003)

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