Meliah Rage - _Death Valley Dream_
(Backstreet Records, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
Boston's thrash metal band are back with a fully cocked n' loaded collection of some truly dynamic thrash metal numbers on _Death Valley Dream_, this being their first release since 1990's _Solitary Solitude_. It may seem passe to some, but for those that enjoy (and miss) this sort of metal music, you'll want to check it out. Having broken up for some time, the band is now regrouped and on independent label, Backstreet Records, and are back in form once again with singer Mike Munro delivering some gut-wrenching vocals, and guitarists Anthony Nichols and Jim Coury providing some serious guitar shredding, something unheard of in the last little while. Watch the licks fly on "Blacksmith", "Madness and Poetry" and the super-cool "War Journal", and be drawn in to the addictive nature of numbers like the title track and "Prideland". Unlike their previous records, _SS_ and 1989's _Kill to Survive_, _DVD_ appears to be more focused and tight with the songwriting as the music seems to lend a hand in shaping the melody and lyrics and vice versa. It's quite possible the time apart allowed the band to focus more with what they wanted to do musically. Whatever the case may be for the sharpness of the material on _DVD_, the album seems to explode with might and speed, releasing anger, emotions and furious tension everywhere. Powerful for sure. Check this out.

(article published 11/10/1996)

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