Inquisition - _Incense of Rest_
(Defiled Records, 1996)
by: Andrew Lewandowski (6 out of 10)
Released in a time of numerous unoriginal "trend" followers, I find it quite refreshing when a newer metal band such as Inquisition hits the scene. Although their sound is in no way revolutionary, it's a unique hybrid of various styles, thus they comfortably escape comparison with any other band. The music generally tends to alternate between blasting death metal passages and melodic, mid- paced old school black metal, and the vocals are a hybrid of demonic squeals and guttural grunts; IMO, they fit the music perfectly. Inquisition show some immaturity in their compositions. The frequent shifts between blast beats and melodies sometimes lack coherence; this is most noticeable on "Whispering in Tears of Blood", the first of this album's four non-instrumental tracks. Also, the outro, "Meditation Before the Kill", adds too much of a jovial ambience to the otherwise somber mood. Given some time to iron out these mistakes, Inquisition have the potential to evolve into one of the scene's better bands; as is, this is a solid, albeit unspectacular, debut.

(article published 11/10/1996)

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