Deathwitch - _Deathfuck Rituals_
(Hellspawn Records, 2002)
by: Vincent Eldefors (7 out of 10)
What do you think about an album where the tracks are carry nice cozy titles like "Satanic Orgasm Abyss", "Mayhem Masturbator" and "Erection of Lucifer"? Not much, I guess, but Swedish black metal musicians have never been that keen on learning the ways of Shakespeare or Bysshe Shelley. Deathwitch is all in all a very predictable band and the album starts off with a mandatory "evil" sounding intro that is one of the worst pieces of noise I've ever heard. Fortunately for Deathwitch, I do not base my reviews on the quality of the intro or the lyrical content -- the music is always my main concern. Deathwitch is as you may already know one of the many bands where Nicklas "Terror" Rudolfsson resides, one of the most important key figures on the black/death metal scene around Gothenburg, Sweden. This scene has brought life to bands like Dissection, Runemagick, Swordmaster, Sacramentum, Deathstars (well, I know I shouldn't have mentioned them...) and many others. The former Dissection drummer Peter Palmdahl actually used to play with Deathwitch as well. After a number of releases for Necropolis Records, Deathwitch have now trusted David Parland's label Hellspawn Records with their fifth full-length release. This does not have much in common with the beautiful melodic work from Dissection. Deathwitch is more of a Satanic playground where influences from thrash, death and black metal are mixed together. Sometimes it sounds really good, some other times it sounds like you've heard it a hundred times before. This will definitely not be something new to most of you, but Deathwitch do what they do best and they do it really well.


(article published 1/9/2002)

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