Third Voice - _Moments Like These_
(Independent, 2002)
by: Adrian Bromley (7.5 out of 10)
Talk about a dynamic duo, and I ain't referring to Batman and Robin, folks! The duo of Jeff Kearney (vocals) and Jason Pirone (every other instrument) who make up Third Voice are quite the combination: soaring, heartfelt vocals matched with tight musicianship. The progressive rock ways of the band are done with such conviction and intensity, though leaving room for the music to expand and radiate an emotional aura at times. Some of the arrangements found on _Moments Like These_ are truly mesmerizing. I can't imagine the hard work that must have gone into this release, as it isn't often that you find a duo taking on so much work to assemble an album (Pirone also produced the album -- what doesn't he do?). The album rarely falters, and tracks like the title track, "Simple Man" and "Take Me Back" are superbly executed. Third Voice are one of the few progressive independent acts out there that are doing their own thing when everyone else is ripping off Dream Theater or Fates Warning.


(article published 3/7/2002)

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