Brutality - _In Mourning_
(Nuclear Blast, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (6 out of 10)
Back with their third effort, Tampa, Florida's Brutality return in 1996 with _In Mourning_, a hardening display of massive death metal sounds and pure intensity. Listen to the strength of numbers like "Destroyed By Society" or the Oklahoma bombing-inspired "Died With Open Eyes", and you can feel the heartening satisfaction of Brutality once again ripping at our skulls as they did with their two previous records _Screams of Anguish_ and _When the Sky Turns Black_, with their detonating drums beats, sinister riffs, and gargantuan growls. With a new guitar section that includes newcomers Dana Walsh (ex-Degradation) and Pete Sykes (ex-Execration), Brutality have been able to step above what they have done in the past. A fresh guitar sound by both have added more intensity to the music the band plays, as seen on tracks like "Obsessed", "Subjected to Torture" and "Extinction". But something Brutality lacks with _IM_ is the ability to stay focused. The record is a scattered assortment of bruising songs and overpowering heaviness that rarely weaves together one crushing blow. We get racked around but never really knocked out. Maybe more focus will next time bring out one strong idea as opposed to numerous tracks going their own way, and every so often pummeling us. Other than that, an enjoyable death metal release.

(article published 11/10/1996)

6/7/1997 G Nalbandian 6 Brutality - In Mourning
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