Blood Axis - _The Gospel of Inhumanity_
(Cthulhu/Storm Records, 1996)
by: Andrew Lewandowski (10 out of 10)
Bach originally composed the music for two of the tracks. The lyrics to "Between Birds of Prey" are taken directly from the writings of Nietzche. None other than Charles Manson orates the vocals for another track. Add fantastic packaging along with an apocalyptic and melancholic aura permeating throughout, and how could I not salivate all over this disc? This is easily one of the more diverse recordings that I have encountered; the best description for this is ambient gothic with heavy symphonic influences, but that alone does not give Blood Axis justice. A heavy early Current 93 and Death in June influence can also be detected, but three tracks build a foundation upon an electric guitar, something that neither of the two aforementioned bands have been willing to attempt. The vocals can equal the music in its decrepit beauty; they are deep, unwavering, and powerful, and the corresponding lyrics generally deal with themes that can be associated with Nietzchian/philosophical Satanist/etc. dogma, with a bit of a militaristic flair thrown in. Some of the better lyrical moments include the two-minute "make love - make war" mantra, along with the mythology-based "Reign I Forever", written by H. W. Longfellow. So far, this is my favorite release in an otherwise disappointing '96.

(article published 11/10/1996)

11/19/1998 A Bromley 6 Blood Axis - Blot: Sacrifice in Sweden
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