Horde of Worms - _Wormageddon_
(Bloodbucket Prod., 2001)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Although this EP is a mere 11 minutes (a raucous and unnecessary hidden track which is revealed after a few minutes silence pushes the length up to just under 17 minutes), Horde of Worms manage to pack more hatred, more speed and greater intensity into those 11 minutes than some bands manage to do over the course of a full-length. These self-styled purveyors of Canadian blast metal provide four songs of hyper-fast blackened riffing underlaid by ferocious blastbeats, creating a powerful and memorable listening experience. There is sufficient variation in speed and intensity to ensure that even if this was a proper full-length album, monotony and subsequently boredom would be unlikely to make an appearance. The vokills (this dumb pun fits in with the excruciatingly weak pun of the title -- they must have been influenced by the Cradle of Filth CD booklets) alternate between death growls and ear-piercing black metal screams. I can't really think of any negative aspects of this album, except perhaps the length, which is far too short, and the inclusion of the aforementioned completely unnecessary "bonus" track. It's debatable whether Horde of Worms would be able to create material of such speed and quality over the course of a full-length, but hopefully they will put that argument to rest with the recording of a follow-up full-length.

Contact: Bloodbucket Prod., 1 Anglesey Boulevard, Suite B,

(article published 12/4/2002)

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