Rotting Christ - _Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers_
(Century Media, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
Rotting Christ, Greece's epidemy of black metal return in 1996 with _Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers_, a stunning blend of brutality and passion that rips and tears through nine epic-like songs, rarely losing the listener's interest. _TotLL_ (their debut for Century Media) is the much anticipated follow-up to their triumphant and powerful 1995 Osmose Records release _Non-Serviam_ and much like _NS_, _TotLL_ showcases the deep rooted growls and crashing riffs that embedded the black metal stylings of Rotting Christ as fresh and innovative when they first attained critical claim with their 1991 EP _Passage To Arcturo_. With each album the band has managed to bring forth more creativity and depth to both song structure and the lyrics of each song, allowing the band to not only stay affixed with their black metal tendencies with, "Snowing Still," "Shadows Follow" or "King Of A Stellar War" but also finding them breaking in new musical directions and sounds with songs like "One With The Forest" and "Diastric Alchemy" - songs that are leaning towards more groove and feel to them. One way of looking at _TotLL_ is seeing it as a stepping stone for the band and its growth, as I am sure that with future releases from the band we will see the continuing need for the band to explore other musical boundaries, yet retain the mighty and aggressive sounds they are known for. Bottom line: Rotting Christ delivers strong with _TotLL_ and I highly reccomend this release.

(article published 12/8/1996)

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