Monster Voodoo Machine - _Pirate Satellite_
(45 Revolutions, 1996)
by: Gino Filicetti (7 out of 10)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada's own Monster Voodoo Machine are back with their newest EP, a follow up to the mega-successful 1994 album _Suffersystem_ (their major label debut). Well, this time, the band has undergone a lot of changes; they are no longer with RCA/BMG, they have axed two members and replaced them, and their sound has been dramatically transformed. No longer with the band are bassist Terry Landry or "noise man" Stacy Hoskin. They have been replaced by two members of the late Toronto outfit Soulstorm; Nick S. has taken up keyboard duties while Chris Harris takes up the bass. Only 1000 copies of this EP have been pressed (mine being the 214th), this has probably been done to make the songs on this record that much more rare and "collectable" but I think this album should be viewed as an essential release in lieu of another record deal. As for the music, gone are the hard-edged guitar chords and pounding off beat drumming, gone is any resemblance to either heavy metal or hardcore, something I believe singer/mastermind Adam Sewell has been trying his best to accomplish. The music here is a weird mix of techno, industrial and hip hop. Guitars have not been completely banished, but toned down drastically. Of the five songs here, only the first one, "Water To Wine," really grabbed me like most of the _Suffersystem_ album did. It has a very catchy and dancable beat, plus some amazing vox and a memorable chorus to sing-a-long to. This EP wasn't the great techno revolution I thought it was going to be, but it also didn't have the staying power of their previous record.

(article published 12/8/1996)

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