Y & T - _Musically Incorrect_
(Fuel Records, 1996)
by: Brian Meloon (0 out of 10)
While it might be a slight exaggeration to say that "My shit can put out better music than this!", it's not too far from the truth. This record contains what you'd expect from Y & T: traditional, generic, party-style rock n' roll, featuring incredibly bad and cheesy lyrics (i.e. "Starlight, star so bright, first star that I see tonight... I wish I may, I wish I might, be the one to hold you tight.") and banal, bluesy, pointless guitar solos, occasionally wah-wah soaked. If that was all this album was, it would be bad, but this album is even worse. I will give them credit for naming the album correctly, for it's certainly musically incorrect to plagarize as many other artists as they do. In fact, if the music weren't so terribly generic, it might be an amusing exercise to count the number of bands they've ripped off. I found ripoffs of Jane's Addiction, the Beatles, AC/DC (does the intro to "Pretty Prison" sound familiar?), Alice in Chains, and any one of the faceless "alternative" bands before I couldn't stand listening to it anymore. The best parts of this album have a middle-Eastern sound to them, such as "Kashmir" or "Orphaned Land", but even then, the melodies are so cliched and so generic that I wouldn't classify them as any better than "listenable". Of course, the only question that remains is: If you think you might like these guys, what are you doing reading this zine? (And no, I did NOT buy this album)

(article published 12/8/1996)

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