Killer Khan - _Rock 'n' Roll Forever_
(Independent, 2001)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
Man, you gotta love heavy metal / rock 'n' roll and those who worship it every second of their waking day. That is why I like Killer Khan. I liked the last album I reviewed, 1999's_Kill Devil Hills_ [CoC #41], and that is why I am down with the re-release the band's 1997 album _Rock 'n' Roll Forever_. This is just great metal / hard rock in the vein of Ozzy Osbourne (singer Killer Khan sounds exactly like the Ozzy!), Black Sabbath and any old '80s metal act, but not cheesy at all. The music here is done with intelligence and passion. The album moves along with some sinister guitar riffs, haunting vocals and just a real fun vibe all around. You'll be headbanging and pumping your fist to songs like "Leather and Lace", "Kamikaze" and "Vanishing Point". Who says metal is dead? As long as Killer Khan is waving the metal flag, we can all sleep good at night knowing that he is doing his best to stay true for us metalheads. Gotta love the big guy, eh?

Contact: P.O. Box 1466, Mooresville, North Carolina 28115, USA

(article published 14/1/2002)

7/7/1999 A Bromley 8 Killer Khan - Kill Devil Hills
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