The Mist - _Gottverlassen_
(Cogumelo Records, 1996)
by: Gino Filicetti (7 out of 10)
This release marks the fourth in The Mist's seven year long career. Having formed in Sao Paulo in 1989, The Mist have been plugging away in the Brazilian underground ever since. In 1991 they picked up ex-Sepultura guitarist Jairo Guedz to record their second album _The Hangman Tree_. It has now been a year since the recording of _Gottverlassen_ but the band is still touring the countryside. This album begun with a very Sepultura-esque feel, which I believe a lot bands from Brazil possess. However, the truth must be known because Sepultura did NOT invent this sound, instead it originated from the scene as a whole including other Brazilian bands like Overdose, Sarcofago and The Mist (originally named Mayhem). The packaging of this album is superb, it includes a fold-out bio, lyrics and a five page liner. As for the music, I think it definitely got better as I got used to the Cassiano's voice (which sounds a lot like Max Cavalera) and the rest of the instrumentation. My favorite song was "Switch Off The Body Suckers" which has a heavy industrial feel to it. Another more unusual song was "Untie Me" which was very slow and dark but had an intense chorus to complement the rest of the song. Altogether this CD was pretty decent, but a mastering of the English language is definitely in order. The Mist's bio has horrific grammatical errors and could actually hurt the band's chances of getting ahead. Hey guys, if you need a proofreader, just give me a shout!

(article published 12/8/1996)

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