Delirium Endeavor - _Flight of the Imagination_
(Independent, 1998)
by: Brian Meloon (8 out of 10)
I realize this is a bit older than the albums we usually review for CoC, but the guys sent it to me, so I'm going to review it, dammit! Delirium Endeavor hail from Rochester, NY, and are an all-instrumental trio. This is their first full-length offering, after an earlier demo which was released under the name Manic [CoC #22]. They describe their music as "a series of 'busy' instrumentals created for indulgent musicians and music listeners who love detail". That sums up this recording pretty well, though the word "busy" might be misconstrued by some. This is not overly technical music. Rather, I'd use the word "complex", to signify that the music isn't particularly difficult to play, but it is organized in a way that requires several listens to fully comprehend. The songs meander through several different styles and tempos, generally without telegraphing their next steps. In addition to non-conventional song structures, they offer some interesting and unique textures. The band I'm most reminded of while listening to their music is Sieges Even. In fact, the style of this album is roughly halfway between _Life Cycle_ and _Steps_ (thankfully without the distinctive vocals of Franz Herde). The heavy parts have the manic thrash sound of _Life Cycle_, but aren't as chaotic, and the clean guitar parts (especially with the chorus effect) sound much like those on _Steps_, but not quite as smooth. In addition, the musicianship isn't quite up to the standards set by Sieges Even. In particular, the guitar work is slightly sloppy throughout. It's not overly annoying, but the album doesn't have the tight feel to it that bands like Zero Hour [also reviewed this issue] do. Overall, this is an interesting offering, and the band's target audience (which probably includes Sieges Even fans) should enjoy it.

(article published 19/10/2001)

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