Prophet - _Broken Promise_
(Independent, 2001)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
If there was one band in this issue of Chronicles of Chaos that really threw a curve ball at me when it came to tackling reviews, it would most definitely be Finland's very own Prophet. I was unsure what to expect with the band, though I was impressed right away with the elaborate digipak format of _Broken Promise_. Would they be a death metal band? How about a really gothic black metal band like Cradle of Filth? I eventually got to the disc in my review pile and threw it on. To my amazement, it sounded nothing like I had expected. That was indeed a good feeling. The trio, a hybrid mixture of gothic, doom and hard rock, have assembled a vibrant four-song offering titled _Broken Promise_ that flies through a varied assortment of sounds and ideas. It is quite obvious to hear on _Broken Promise_ how the band pays homage to their influences (Black Sabbath, Anathema, My Dying Bride and Type O Negative), as well as showcasing their delicate touches to metal music, especially on "Are We Through?" and the title track closer. The passionate vocals of singer/bassist Aleksi Ahokas are just the perfect touch to the melodic texture of the dark music they play. Had his vocals been heavier (i.e. death growls), it would have ruined the flow of things, though H. Villberg (of Diablerie) adds effective growls on "I Kiss and Let You Die". Fans of newer incarnations of Katatonia and Anathema will definitely want to track this band down, as they offer a similar emotionally soul-draining musical experience that could easily match some of the works of those bands. This is well thought out music that is intense on a whole number of levels. These guys have worked hard over the years to craft their music and it shows, so hopefully this time someone will sign them.

[Pedro Azevedo: "Prophet are one of those unsigned bands who are clearly well beyond the need to release more demos. Their music will require a couple of adjustments before their commercial debut, but these should come naturally with experience. There is still a certain naivety about some aspects of Prophet's music, but the much stronger second half of this EP proves that they are a very promising young band with a potentially bright future ahead of them."]

(article published 19/10/2001)

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