Pig Destroyer - _Prowler in the Yard_
(Relapse, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
Seeing these fuckers at the Milwaukee MetalFest this past August more-or-less saved the weekend from being a complete musical fiasco. I haven't bought a concert shirt for years, but I tell you sure as I am typing these words -- I BOUGHT A PIG DESTROYER "T". The black shirt with white lettering spelling out the name of the band was painfully simple, but truly effective -- like the band itself. My first listen to _38 Counts of Battery_ [CoC #52] told me this East coast three-piece (no bassist) was something to be taken very seriously, kinda like Dying Fetus. Unlike DF, however, Pig Destroyer forcibly works the listener over with songs varying in length from thirty-five seconds to as much as seven minutes and fifty-seven seconds with mostly Soilent Green / Burnt by the Sun / Discordance Axis-like vocal work by the gifted J.R. Hayes. Truth be told, "Mapplethorpe Grey" (about the one minute and twenty-one second) and "Naked Trees" have every necessary ingredient to be my favorite on _PitY_. The astounding riff (thank you, Scott Hull!) on "Trojan Whore", about the forty-three second mark, however, is far too hard to ignore as is wildly alluring guitar work on "Sheet Metal Girls". The drums on track nineteen, "Hyperviolet", compliments of Brian Harvey, solidified _Prowler in the Yard_ as one of my top picks for 2001, people. This effort was engrossing to me from the word GO! If you don't grab yourself a copy of _PitY_, I sincerely PITY you.

Contact: http://www.loudnet.com/pigdestroyer/

(article published 19/10/2001)

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