Madball - _Demonstrating My Style_
(Roadrunner/Attic, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
From the ashes of New York hardcore legends Agnostic Front (following the demise of the band in 1992) comes Madball, a band that plays bombastic heapages of reality and aggression spewed from the mouth of singer Freddy Cricien and backed by the groove and determination of the remaining three members. Though the band has released two EPs (_Ball Of Destruction_ in 1989 and _Droppin Many Suckas_ in 1992) it wasn't until the release of their debut album on Roadrunner, _Set It Off_, that the band edged towards a solid feel to their music and acquiring a strong fanbase, which led the band to become one of the most exciting and promising New York hardcore acts. Now in 1996, following major touring, the band has regrouped and recorded fourteen outstanding and true-to-the-heart tales of life and the hardships one must face, juiced up by singer Cricien's real life stories. Sure this may be a running theme for most hardcore bands, but there is something exciting and volatile about the lyrics and messages conveyed within numbers like "Pride (Times Are Changing)", "Addict" and "Unity" on _DMS_. For those that witnessed the combative and beligerent attitude of Madball's last outing, most won't be disappointed as Madball turns up the 'hardcore' element on _DMS_ up a notch.

(article published 12/8/1996)

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