Imagika - _And So It Burns_
(WWIII, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (2 out of 10)
This band has a song called "Fade Away", ironically one of their best on this effort. Put in a different context, I wish Imagika -would- fade away, but then again you have to actually -be- something to begin to recede. Blah, blah, blah and on the ten original tracks go. Where can one hang their indigent interest amidst this dismal vestibule of horror Imagika calls music? I understand that this outfit has enjoyed some overseas success. All I can say to that is maybe they should enjoy foreign accomplishments -exclusively- instead of subjecting us to this substandard retro "Bay Area thrash scene" drivel; this coming from a principal fan of the S.F. scene, too. Imagika's two points come almost exclusively from track twelve, "When". That cut is certainly well put together, minus the Brian Vollmer of Helix covering Morgana Lefay vocals that seem to pervade even the bonus tracks supplied at the conclusion of _And So It Burns_. Also, the third unreleased song, "Unheard", has its moments with specific melody and desirable, interwoven patterns of developed drumming and dove-tailed guitar/bass work, but again those vocals are regrettable and nearly painful -- like a fruit bat in heat. Unless you have a flaming desire to undo the natural course of events and purchase _And So It Burns_ as to not let it go up in smoke, I'd redirect my magnifying glass elsewhere.

(article published 19/10/2001)

10/1/1995 G Filicetti 4 Imagika - Imagika
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