Christ Aborted in Nativity - _If You Set Yourself on Fire?_
(Independent, 2001)
by: Adrian Bromley (5 out of 10)
This rather young band calling themselves Christ Aborted in Nativity, or CAiN as they refer to themselves (get it?), seem to have a lot of potential from the get go. An interesting opener ("Luna's Requiem") starts things off quite passively before the band steps right into the vicious death/black metal attack of "Imprisoned in Flesh" and onto the rather cool sounding stride of instrumental number "...Of Razor-Blades and Membranes". And while some may see this variety as a good sign for a young band to engage in, it actually makes the release sound a bit disjointed. Granted, there are a lot of strong ideas here on _If You Set Yourself on Fire?_, but overall the listener is lost amongst where the band is taking their music and what they really want the end result to be. Just listen as the band goes from the instrumental into "Terminat Hora Diem". What is going on here? It sounds like a whole new recording and/or band. Maybe I need more than this five-song offering to post my final judgment on this band, but as it stands right now, they seem to have all the right ideas; they just need a target to strive for now. CAiN shall return, I am sure of it.

Contact: 824 Thomas Rd, Lafayette Hills, PA 19444, USA

(article published 12/8/2001)

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