Black Label Society - _Alcohol Fueled Brewtality: Live +5_
(Spitfire, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
Never having been -too- big of a fan of live releases, I was wary of this one. I must say, Zakk and the boys have shined a new light on this way of thinking. I think it is a strong mixture of the fact that I sincerely appreciate BLS as a band in its totality and that the band only seems to show yet another entertainingly effective face on stage when compared to the recorded material, losing nothing in the exchange. Some of my favorites are here, namely "13 Years of Grief", "Stronger Than Death", "All for You" and "Phoney Smiles and Fake Hellos" served in fine boozed-up, alcohol-induced shape. It sure liquors you up fast, not even waiting until the second track before you are combatively swaggering for the fridge, all elbows and knuckles, to swig down a hit of cold gin. The second to last cut from _Alcohol Fueled Brewtality_ is a nice performance of "No More Tears" from Mr. Wylde's time with Ozzy. The second disc is comprised of subdued and low-keyed material like a Neil Young remake, "Heart of Gold", and a piano infused version of "Snowblind". The sobering acoustic flank of BLS's mighty besotted warship is not quite as appealing to me as the other falling down tanked metal side that disc one blurs into vision. By the way, for more on my thoughts with regards to BLS, see CoC #48. I have to run after a beverage now, most likely containing alcohol. Writing this review has left me parched and it's Saturday night!

(article published 12/8/2001)

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