W.A.S.P. - _Unholy Terror_
(Metal-Is Records, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (7 out of 10)
Many would dismiss this '80s outfit as cartoon characters from the 1992 movie "Cool World", but that would be a regrettable error. Having stood the test of time in the harsh, roller-coaster world of metal (especially from that era), W.A.S.P.'s passion and total commitment has never been questioned and surely remains uneclipsed. The band seems to feed voraciously on controversy and dichotomy alike, never satisfied solely with either one. Aside from the whole P.M.R.C. debacle, this group's fascination with aberrant conduct has always been more interesting. For example, taken unassumingly from the "Widowmaker" (_Last Command_) playbook, the instrumental "Euphoria" and gratifying "Evermore" on this album expose the soft underbelly of this beast. As with everything W.A.S.P. has done since its self-titled debut in 1984, _Unholy Terror_ is as crowded with stimulating power as their stage should be at the Wacken Open Air Festival on August 2nd. Listen to the nice guitar communication on the last track, ten, "Wasted White Boys"; almost as musically capricious as a modern-day "Blind in Texas" with all the insinuations a la "I'm Alive". It fits very well into the theme running resolutely throughout _Unholy Terror_. I did very much enjoy the annotation on the inside of the CD booklet by the band's main songwriter, bassist, guitarist, producer and singer, Blackie Lawless. Lawless shines an illuminating light on his take as it pertains to people's perceptions of religion. It is well thought out and devoid of antagonistic language. The frontman merely sets forth his opinion and comments on songs included on the release. With such strong songwriting and a distinctive voice never confused with other singers, I'd say _Unholy Terror_ is par for the course in the on-going game W.A.S.P. has been championing for nearly twenty years. In the world of metal, W.A.S.P. are what unholy legends are made of.

(article published 12/8/2001)

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