Vesperian Sorrow - _Psychotic Sculpture_
(Displeased, 2001)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
Wow! Having grown ten-fold from their 1998 Displeased Records debut release _Beyond the Cursed Eclipse_ [CoC #41], Texas black metal aficionados Vesperian Sorrow bring their latest offering to the forefront of the American black metal pack, releasing to this unkind world a powerful sophomore record if there ever was one. Inspired by the likes of Europe's black metal masters and classic heavy metal, Vesperian Sorrow hold solid ground with _Psychotic Sculpture_, as they parade their black metal mastery with solid musicianship and creative passion. Just listen to the mighty opener "Solitude" at 9+ minutes and you'll be swept away by the amazing attention to detail the band has assembled here. But while the opener is an interesting number for us to embrace, the record offers up a whole lot more to digest and explore. Other songs worthy of praise include the title track, "The Singularity", the clever flow of "Into the Realm of Dreams and Haunts" and "Arena Unorthodox". While there are numerous black metal bands in North America making names for themselves (Absu, Noctuary, Usurper, Black Funeral and Aurora Borealis), Vesperian Sorrow are guaranteed a lot of attention when _Psychotic Sculpture_ hits store shelves. Time will tell if the North American black metal horde latches onto Vesperian Sorrow as this CoC reviewer has. I raise a flask to Vesperian Sorrow! Onward with your battle.


(article published 12/8/2001)

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