Rebaelliun - _Annihilation_
(Hammerheart, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (4 out of 10)
There is no doubt this band has cornered the market on being the "Brazilian extreme attack". Since their beginning in 1998, I know this virulent four-piece has been amassing all the violent speed evident on _Annihilation_. Vocals similar to that of Steve Tucker's on _Formulas Fatal to the Flesh_ and drumming suggestive of a Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) and maybe a Max Kolesne (Krisiun) mix, Rebaelliun's fundamental sound is very much like what you'd expect from a Deicide/Immolation blend. Track six, "Unborn Consecration", demonstrates some of the finest guitar work on the whole CD. Beginning at the three minute and twenty second mark, the masterful solo pitted against the backdrop of agonizingly fast playing is remarkable. Again on track eight, "Bringer of War", there is undoubtedly some noteworthy interplay between Rebaelliun's members -- enough to make one take serious notice. Outside of those two honorable mentions, and all due credit for harboring the unquestionable desire for vastly accelerated velocity, this band leaves me ostensibly unconcerned for any of the material on _Annihilation_.

[Paul Schwarz: "It's a pity that _Annihilation_'s arrangements are rather boring, because the production that Andy Classen at Stage One studio has given the album is truly massive. Unfortunately, Rebaelliun rely too much on the impact of their sound, and haven't, in my opinion, put enough into making their music creatively interesting. Nonetheless, _Annihilation_ could flay the skin off _Gateways to Annihilation_, and that's quite an indication of how the tables of extreme music have turned in recent years."]

(article published 12/8/2001)

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