Project Pitchfork - _Daimonion_
(Metropolis, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (5 out of 10)
Around the nuclei, this European outfit, consisting of Peter Spilles (vocals and keyboards) and Dirk Scheuber (keyboards and programming), penetrates with a steadfast and technically agreeable blend of rhythms and industrial beats. Clean, understandable vocals flatter the driving force of the music. Lyrical content is publicized as intelligent, but I might argue that description should be closer to thought provoking or maybe "deep". The strength of this band seems to be modesty and unpretentiousness used as a vehicle to get their message across, but in some way it becomes lost. Whether that is because they are more comfortable in a live setting or the recording process isn't kind to Project Pitchfork's particular sound, I cannot answer for sure. The true iridescence of _Daimonion_ comes in the form of track five, "We Are One (Mirror Split Up Into Pieces)", and the symbolically heavy "Last Call", track thirteen. Research some other Metropolis; they might be more to your liking.

(article published 12/8/2001)

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