Neurosis - _A Sun That Never Sets_
(Relapse, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (7.5 out of 10)
It is no secret that I am a very large admirer of Neurosis's work. As a matter of fact, right or wrong, I chose to witness their performance at the Milwaukee MetalFest two years ago as opposed to catching In Flames' first time in the United States. Neurosis had such a grand show unfolding that I couldn't bring myself to leave even for a split second -- it was -that- captivating. As most are aware, this outfit from the sun-streaked California climate are masters at developing a mood within the limitless vicinity they inspire. More atmosphere than song structure, Neurosis, especially on _A Sun That Never Sets_, generates a powerful homespun feel in which total concentration is required, consciously or unconsciously, on the part of the listener. With each new song, _A Sun That Never Sets_ cultivates an area in the mind's eye so seductively sublime in texture and enriched with every ounce of energy this quintet has to exhaust. One track never sounding like another, the scouring sensation of "Falling Unknown" works in complete diametric form to "Crawl Back In" later on _ASTNS_. Deep down, I believe that more of this band's seventh album will eventually have a thriving effect on me, but for the immediate future, I'd be more apt to enjoy _Times of Grace_ or even the 1997 re-issue _Souls at Zero / Enemy of the Sun_. Summing up, I am of the opinion that a fan of this band should never question where they are being lead musically; just modestly submit to what Neurosis has to offer, knowing in all likelihood that it'll entirely take place described only as a land with a sun that never sets.

(article published 12/8/2001)

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