Old Grandad - _Vol. 666_
(Independent, 1996)
by: Adam Wasylyk (6 out of 10)
Featuring guitarist Erik Moggridge (ex-Epidemic), drummer Will Carroll (ex-Machine Head) and Max Barnett on bass/vocals (actually, all three members contribute vocals), OLD GRANDAD's sound could be described as crossing Black Sabbath and thrash with some death metal and rock influences. Songs like "Blantant Drug Song" and "Don't Call me a Deadhead" show their humor while "Feeling Fine" and "No Hell to Fear" hit you hard with their heaviness and groove. For only $8 US for a 14-song CD it's worth the money. You can also check them out on the internet, their web site is http://www.inreach.com/grandad/

Contact: OLD GRANDAD, 1827 Haight St., Box 95

(article published 12/8/1996)

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