Gorgoroth - _Antichrist_
(Malicious Records, 1996)
by: Henry Akeley (9 out of 10)
The Satanic mumbo-jumbo that's all over this album is damn stale stuff by now. Look: there's nothing particularly courageous or rebellious about copping the -exact- same image and attitude as five hundred other, similar-sounding bands. And if by chance Gorgoroth (or whatever band) actually believes all this stuff - well, good for them, but I've got no use for medieval religion. This is 1996, not 1346. Why am I teeing off on Gorgoroth in particular here? Because the music on this mini-CD (the band's second) is simply some of the best extreme metal I've ever heard - but in terms of lyrics and imagery it's bogged way down in all these tired old cliches. Speaking exclusively of the music, though, these guys have definitely earned their 9 points out of 10. (If Satanism is one of your turn-ons, then, you just might think that this is the greatest release of all time.) After a very weird intro, "Bergtrollets Hevn" breaks forth in a grim gallop, only to explode after a couple of verses into a full-on black metal charge, desperate riffing propelled by hyper-fast drums. "Gorgoroth" begins at blazing speed, a melodic bass line woven into the 'surf' riff, then slows down for a bit of metallic ambience before ripping into another fast and frenzied attack. "Possessed" goes for a more prmitive, pounding feel, while closer "Sorg" incorporates a variety of cool (slower) tempos and effects. In terms of both production and (especially) music, this is quite an improvement upon their earlier, and very solid _Pentagram_ release.

(article published 12/8/1996)

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