King Diamond - _Decade of Horror_
(Massacre Records, 2001)
by: Alvin Wee (6 out of 10)
Whether the _Decade of Horror_ box-set is a sincere celebration of the King's longevity in the scene or just another transparent money-making venture is anyone's guess, but I for one acknowledge the logic in collecting the band's later, less established work in one convenient package. Four opuses from the Nineties displayed here: _The Spider's Lullabye_, _Voodoo_, _The Graveyard_ and the recent _House of God_. Each album is beautifully presented on luscious picture vinyl, but sorely missed are the usual extras found in box-sets of this time. Devoid of any posters, special items or even inserts, the box feels disappointingly empty given the high standards expected of a major label like Massacre. Considering the King's propensity for churning out highly engaging lyrics, the lack of printed material is deplorable, which mars greatly an otherwise lavishly rendered release of all four albums. Also, aesthetics differ with each disc, with the lacklustre artwork on _The Graveyard_ in stark contrast to the breathtaking _Voodoo_ disc, with its intricate illustrations of maps, character portraits, etc. Might be worth the cost of the entire set. But then again... Let's hope Metal Blade picks up the cue with a better Mercyful Fate set. _The Spider's Lullabye_: Took me a while to appreciate this album full of twisted melodies, but once it sunk in, this album became one of the most insidious and unforgettable in my book. _The Graveyard_: A fantastic album that didn't have any trouble drawing me in. As eerie as ever, and perhaps a hark back to the old days? Killer stuff. _Voodoo_: Another original concept album that draws its effect from the swamps of Louisiana. Unique and not quite as straightforward as in the old days, but a little concentration should do the trick. _House Of God_: Great song-based stuff that scores points for departing from pure horror to more philosophical grounds. The memorable music helps too!

(article published 12/8/2001)

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