Disbelief - _Worst Enemy_
(Massacre, 2001)
by: Matthias Noll (9.5 out of 10)
Let me tell you, as good as this is, it's fucking difficult to review, because this is unlike any other record I have. It must be years since the last time I was able to say that. There are no real comparisons to other bands which, in unison, can be applied in the categories music and atmosphere. Let me try, nevertheless: take the driving, almost mechanical approach of Bolt Thrower, Katatonia's most depressing atmospheric bits, a dose of Voivod harmonies, a bit of Neurosis, and a singer who sounds like an insane mix of Martin van Drunen and John Tardy without losing his own identity. Produce this in a way that if the overused metaphor "wall of sound" didn't exist it would have to get invented to properly describe Andy and Georg Classen's work on _Worst Enemy_. Sounds interesting? I really hope so! In terms of sales figures, Disbelief's mid-tempo to slow approach, with the grinding, deeply unhappy guitar work, the constant drum barrage and the inhuman vocals -- which create another layer of agony on top of the instrumental apocalypse -- might be a handicap, because it makes them so hard to categorize. Putting them in the death metal folder, a style which most of the time is so painfully limited, wouldn't do them justice. But from the feeling and atmosphere brought across, this is Death Metal, written in capital letters and much closer to the topic than the overdone blood, guts, gore and serial killers bullshit. This is extreme music, transporting extreme feelings in an almost innovative way, and highly recommended to open-minded fans of extreme metal, somewhere in between heavier Voivod, traditional death metal and the noisier side of things.

[Paul Schwarz: "'Atmosphere' is a key word in explaining the unusual appeal of Disbelief. Obviously influenced by industrial masters Godflesh, Disbelief create it through the droning repetition of distinctly discordant death metal derived riffs supported by chunky percussion work and complemented by a blistering vocal tirade. _WE_'s despairing soundscapes bring to mind the 'apocalyptic visions' of Neurosis and Today Is the Day."]

(article published 12/8/2001)

7/3/2002 M Noll 7 Disbelief - Shine
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