Cadaver Inc. - _Discipline_
(Earache, 2001)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
"Fast, affordable crime scene clean-up and corpse removal" are the services offered at, the band's website. Virtually nothing on this professionally designed website betrays the fact that Cadaver Inc. are actually a metal band, and some people have actually (quite amazingly) believed the whole thing was true. This is easily the most remarkable and darkly humorous (not to mention brilliantly implemented) joke of its kind I've ever seen, and a visit to the website is mandatory if you are to fully appreciate the spirit of _Discipline_. The entire album is visually, lyrically and sonically drenched in urban decay and human desensitization, and the website is a highly inspired realization of this concept. Throughout the record's 40 odd minutes, Cadaver Inc. relentlessly punish the listener with mostly blindingly fast, furiously harsh and yet strangely catchy black metal. Ugly yet appealing, the kind of aggression bursting out of _Discipline_ is somewhat akin to that portrayed in December Wolves' greatly underrated album _Completely Dehumanized_ in its delivery and thematic context. But while December Wolves' effort was impressive and enjoyable, Cadaver Inc.'s searing output often seems to be just about as good as this style can get. The band masters the mixing of occasional slower parts with frenzied blastbeats, the vocals always in sync with the varying requirements of the music, and delivers their attack with a brutal, dirty yet powerful sound. _Discipline_ is a highly energetic album: the riffing is memorable, powerful and razor-sharp, whilst the drumming drives its point home through variety and technicality as well as sheer speed. With members past and/or present of bands such as Aura Noir, Dodheimsgard and the old Cadaver in its ranks, Cadaver Inc. have been able to create one of those records that stands out not only for its outstanding ferocity and brilliant delivery, but also for its character and musical relevance. Definitely one of the most important albums of 2001.

[Paul Schwarz: "First, _Discipline_ will hook you with its sleek reprocessing of Voivod, Slayer, Terrorizer and Repulsion sounds -- repackaged in a cold, modern breathable-plastic bodybag of a production. But it's after repeated and concentrated listens that the purely instrumental side of Cadaver Inc. will click, and a new, more vibrant and unique level of this stunning release will be unlocked. A grower, and all in all, a shockingly multi-faceted album."]

(article published 12/8/2001)

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